Boating Fuel Filtration & Tank Cleaning Mobile Service

All boat diesel fuel tanks are susceptible to both water and contaminant damage and require a maintenance plan to prevent engine failure

Cleaning of diesel fuel and tanks

Fuel Technology provides a diesel fuel filtration and tank cleaning service utilising a system developed by DieselPure.  This is the only system proven to pass the new SAE J1488 2010  standard in not only removing contaminants down to 0.2 micron, but also achieving a 100% efficiency rating in removing free standing and emulsified water from ULSD.

Trying to remove water from Diesel fuel chemically is not recommended as this also can have detrimental effects on engine components. 

Our Boating System can accommodate any size fuel tank. The process is clean, environmentally acceptable and comes with a no mess guarantee. Whilst the cleaning process can be conducted with any volume of fuel in the tank, a full tank is recommended.

Even if you think your diesel is unusable, our filtration system has been proven to bring badly contaminated diesel back to within specifications.

Fuel Technology are your diesel quality specialists and can devise a maintenance plan to assist in keeping your tank and fuel clean.

Don’t take the risk and assume that your boat’s fuel system is clean at all times. Contact us to discuss our mobile service to ensure your boat is always ready to go!